Customer Self Service

The delivery of excellent customer service is a core part of our business vision. We understand that involves listening, responding and offering practical tools that help customers understand and manage their power supply.

This page offers a range of tools for you to do a number of things.

You can navigate to find online forms and downloads for general customer activities to the left, or use the Customer Self Service button on the right or the related links below, to access more secure customer self services related to your premises.

You will need to enter your National Meter Identifier Number (NMI) when you register to use a self service application for the first time. The easiest way to do this is to have a copy of a recent electricity bill with you when you register, as your NMI is on your bill. If you want to enter more than one address, you'll need a bill for each address. NMI details are not required to register for REConnect.

Power outage notification trial

A 6 month trial is currently being conducted to keep customers informed about the status of planned or unplanned outages.

Some customers who have supplied mobile phone details with their electricity account will receive SMS messages to their mobile phone about power outages affecting their premises during this trial. Customers experiencing a power outage but don’t receive an SMS message about it, may not be part of the initial trial. Customers receiving notifications during the trial and don’t want the messages can either reply STOP to the message or ring our Contact Centre on 13 12 80.

Any customer however, can receive power outage updates, simply subscribe by using the Customer Self Service button on the right or the Related Links below.


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