Claim for Voltage Variation Damage

Voltage is the electrical pressure that causes an electrical current to flow to your home or business. The voltage level at which we supply electricity, and any permitted variations to that level are set in the Distribution Code by the Essential Services Commission. That Code, through the Deemed Distribution Contract, is binding on both electricity distributors and their customers. On occasions variations in voltage levels may occur, involving a "power surge" (a rapid increase in voltage) or a "brown out" (reduced voltage) and may cause damage to appliances and equipment.

If you suffer damage to your property as a result of a voltage variation outside the prescribed limits and you use less than 160 megawatt hours of electricity per annum, and the voltage variation is not caused by your electrical installation, you may be eligible for compensation from CitiPower or Powercor.

The Essential Services Commission has prescribed the Electricity Guideline 11 - Voltage Variation Compensation to require distributors to compensate customers if they meet the requirements of the Guideline. You can access this Guideline and download a CitiPower or Powercor Claim Form below. Alternatively, you can request we post you a Claim Form by contacting us.

We will acknowledge we have received your completed claim form by letter and will provide a claim number for your reference. We will review your claim, including determining the cause of the voltage variation and will notify you of the outcome of your claim within approximately three weeks of receiving your completed claim form. If your form is incomplete or does not include quotes or receipts, we may be unable to settle your claim.


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