Current Outages

Affected towns within Powercor network

Town Customers Affected Time of Outage Crew Status Estimated Restoration Cause Fault Location
Deer Park 1 22:46:00 24/4/14 Outage Reported 03:00:00 Under investigation Radnor Drive, Deer Park
Shepparton 12 08:03:00 18/4/14 Outage Reported 13:30:00 18/4/14 Vehicle impact Ayrshire Way, Shepparton
Wartook 7 11:40:00 18/4/14 Outage Reported Unknown Customer works Hocking Road, Happy Valley (swan Hill)

Last Updated: 25/04/2014 14:55:03

The table above shows details of current sustained power outages (lasting more than one minute) within the Powercor network. This table does not include power outages which have been restored, momentary power outages (lasting less than one minute) or planned outages which are scheduled   in future. In some cases, restoration times may extend beyond original estimates. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the report above, it should be used as a guide only.

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