Smart Meter Benefits

Smart meters will help customers monitor and ultimately manage their energy use and will broaden the community’s ability to respond to environmental challenges.

  • Smart meters can provide electricity consumption data in 30 minute intervals, which will eliminate the need for manual meter reads and estimated power bills
  • Smart meters will give your retailer the opportunity to offer innovative time-of-use prices
  • Smart meters will allow CitiPower and Powercor Australia to more accurately detect electricity supply faults and respond to them more quickly
  • Smart meters will facilitate the process of moving house through the remote connection and disconnection of electricity.
How will I be able to monitor my energy consumption?

In the future, smart meters will facilitate customers abilty to access electricity consumption information, using options such as internal home displays or via the web using on-line meter data applications. By being able to monitor daily consumption patterns, you can modify your behaviour to save money and help reduce greenhouse emissions.

How will smart meters improve customer service?

Smart meters allow for greater billing accuracy, and will eliminate the need for estimated bills. They also provide more timely services through remote connections and disconnections, which will assist customers when they move into or out of a premises. The meters will ultimately provide the capability for improved detection of outages and faster rectification of electricity supply quality problems.

How will smart meters improve the electricity network?

The electricity distribution network can be more efficiently utilised when peak demand is smoothed out through tariffs that encourage consumers to use off-peak electricity. This will reduce the need to augment the distribution network to cope with peak loads, and minimise wasted electricity in the grid. 

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