Terms of reference

The terms of reference describe the purpose and the structure of the committee, and they are as follows:

The Committee will provide a forum for all relevant issues and concerns regarding CitiPower and Powercor Australia’s electricity distribution supply and services.

The Committee is empowered to provide CitiPower and Powercor with oral and written information gathered from the membership of the organisations represented or from individuals or other sources such as correspondence or published materials. Reports, correspondence, or representations made by organisations other than those represented on the Committee will also be considered.

Powercor and CitiPower undertake to provide the Committee with regular detailed information on all issues of interest or concern to the community.

Committee members are free to seek information from CitiPower and Powercor on any topic other than matters formally identified as “Commercial in Confidence”. Where appropriate, it shall make available to the Committee people with special skills or knowledge to help with technical or other areas. CitiPower and Powercor management accepts that it has a responsibility to address issues which arise and undertakes to respond to all issues raised.

Matters marked as being Commercial in Confidence or which relate to the security of the network will not be made public.

The Committee may choose to form Sub-Committees to address special interests.

The Committee will meet at least four times a year and may be called upon to meet more frequently particularly in early days, or on specific issues.

There is an annual review of the Committee’s activities and this review will be a public document available on request.

The Chief Executive Officer shall ensure that all issues are being addressed in a positive, timely and co-operative manner.

The consultative process is not:

  • Public relations – the promotion of particular CitiPower and Powercor products or services
  • Market research (focus groups) – the testing of ideas without proper background information
  • Joint decision-making – the sharing of responsibility for decisions between Powercor and CitiPower and consumer representatives.

Endorsed by the PACCC
Amended 29 May 2001, and 10 December 2002.