How does electricity get to my house?


CitiPower and Powercor are electricity distributors, which means we look after the poles, wires and equipment that deliver electricity to our Victorian customers.

We take the electricity from the companies that create, or generate, the electricity in the first place.

Generation companies produce electricity from sources such as coal, wind or sun and then sell it to the National Electricity Market. The market is overseen by the Australian Energy Market Operator, which monitors the connected power grids of Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

The power grid takes the high voltages of electricity from a power generation plant and converts the electricity to smaller voltages for supply to homes and businesses.

Electricity is transported from the generation plants to homes and businesses via the distribution network. In Victoria, there are five distribution networks, including those managed by CitiPower and Powercor.

So, where do retailers fit in? Retailers sell electricity and manage customer accounts. A portion of what retailers charge goes to the distributor for access to the network.