Be power smart

Stay safe and save money this winter. Learn how you can keep your home and family safe, and potentially reduce your energy bills.

In winter, storms, heavy rain, hail and even snow can bring down trees and other infrastructure. This can damage powerlines and cause power outages. As extreme weather events become more common, the risk of outages continue to increase. 

We’ve put together some helpful information, so you can ensure you’re prepared in the event of an outage – and know how to stay safe around any damaged powerlines in your area. 

Plus, because we tend to spend more time inside during winter – often with the heater on – our energy bills can be higher. Learn how you can save money even at the coldest time of the year.

Be prepared for outages

Sometimes, power outages need to be planned so we can perform essential maintenance. And even with our reliable, high-quality electricity network, unexpected outages can happen when extreme weather occurs.

How to prepare for outages

Stay safe near powerlines

Coming into contact with overhead powerlines can cause serious injury or death. Whether you're pruning trees, keeping up with home maintenance or there are damaged power lines in your area, follow these tips to stay safe.

Read our powerline safety tips

Save on your energy bills

Cold weather can mean using heaters and climate control systems more often, increasing your home or business power costs. But there are things you can do to manage your bills even in winter.

Start reducing your energy bills

Stay up to date on power outages

You can keep track of power outages and receive reminders about planned works. Sign up online for SMS or email outage notifications.