Daylight saving

It’s now daylight saving 360 days a year.

Start saving on your power bill today.

Now you can save on your electricity bills by using your appliances during the day. Because saving on electricity isn’t just about how much power you use, it’s also when you use it.

For years we’ve been told to run our appliances at night to save money. And that was true. But now with so many people generating power with rooftop solar, there’s a lot more electricity available during the day.

Take advantage of the new time-of-use tariff by running electric appliances during the day up to 3pm and you’ll save money.

How much? Almost $100* a year for the average user. This table gives you an idea of where savings can be made.

Source: Powercor Tariff Structure Statement. Based on typical consumption, sourced from Total air conditioning load 1,745 kWh (Powercor Climate Saver customer average).

As you can see, it’s those major appliances like heaters, air-conditioners, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers that consume more electricity. Many more of us are working from home which is contributing to rising electricity bills. But this also gives us a chance to run those appliances during the day, right through to 3pm, or to set a timer, and reduce costs.

It’s the same for electric vehicle owners. Charging your vehicle during the off-peak tariff is a bit like the owner of petrol car always knowing where to buy the cheapest fuel.

How do I switch to the new time-of-use tariff?

Whether you’ve just had your power connected or you’re an existing customer, the best way to find out whether you’re on our new time-of-use tariff is to contact your electricity retailer – they’re the ones who send you your power bill. If you’re not, they’ll be able to switch you over automatically, so you can start saving money straight away.

What does it mean for solar customers?

Customers with solar panels will benefit too. Running appliances during the day with the power you’re generating may be a better use of your solar investment than exporting back to the grid. It makes sense to operate when you generate, rather than relying on the grid when it’s the peak tariff and costs more.

And here’s a handy tip for new solar customers. By orienting your solar panels more to the west, you’ll be able to increase production after 3pm when supply from the grid is more expensive.

Of course, remember it always pays to talk to your electricity retailer to ensure our new time-of-use tariff is right for you.

Quick tips to make the most of our time-of-use tariffs:

  • Use major appliances like your heating, air-conditioning, clothes dryer, washing machine or dishwasher during the day up to 3pm
  • Place washers, dryers and dishwashers on a delayed cycle/ timer outside of the 3pm to 9pm peak
  • Install timers for other electrical devices (lights, TV etc)
  • Adjust the scheduled time for pool pumps
  • Angle solar panels more to the west
  • Charge your electric vehicle during off peak times
  • Pre-heat your house on cool days, and/or set the timer to kick in after 9pm for a cosy night’s sleep
  • Pre-cool your house on warm days to take advantage of the cheaper off-peak rates

*Savings dependent on consumption & personal retail plan.

DISCALIMER: Check your personal circumstances to calculate whether our time-of-use tariff will provide cost savings for you.