Contestable Works – what’s new?

CitiPower and Powercor adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement. We are always striving to find ways to streamline our processes and support developers in improving the quality of built electrical assets.

We are currently undertaking a number of initiatives for the improvement of Contestable Works projects, and providing  data to industry to assist in improving the quality of work.

Industry engagement

Powercor regularly hosts consultative committee meetings with representatives from the Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE), the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF), developers and Recognised Contractors.

Powercor Industry Charter

March 2019 Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes

June 2019 Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes

September 2019 Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes

September 2019 Consultative Committee Meeting Presentations

September 2019 ESC Technical Standards Harmonisation

October 2019 Improved Process Workshops

May 2020 OTH – Governance Committee Meeting Minutes

May 2020 – Governance Committee Report

May 2021 – Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes

Audit results and trends

March 2019 audit results and trends

June 2019 audit results and trends

September 2019 audit results and trends

Performance Reporting

Powercor is committed to reasonable response times so as not to delay the delivery of Contestable Works. Key touch points and our turnaround time commitments are defined here.

View first half results for 2019.

View results for Q1 2020.

Master planning

Following a recent review of our contestability framework, Powercor has decide to allow master planning to be a contestable service. We have developed draft guidelines which are currently being circulated with industry participants to provide feedback prior to finalisation. We are also in the process of establishing accreditation for Recognised Contractors in this discipline.

In the meantime we welcome the submission of Master Plans for new residential developments.

Tie In

At the moment a request for tie-in is generally submitted to Powercor with a signed Certificate of Practical Completion. Powercor often does not have visibility of when to expect this submission and we are reactively planning for an asset to be tied into the electricity grid. Powercor currently targets tie-in to be completed within 10 weeks from practical completion.

Following feedback from industry Powercor is committed to reducing our target turnaround time from 10 weeks to 4 weeks (or as otherwise agreed for a development).

Achieving this outcome requires a few process changes effective immediately:

  • Tie-in requests shall be submitted to the Project Delivery Lead at the same time as a request for Final Audit
  • Both Powercor and the developer commit to an agreed delivery plan which includes a forecast Date of Practical Completion and Customer Target Date (the date by which a development will be tied in).
  • Notify Powercor immediately if you can no longer deliver to the agreed plan.

More information is available here.

Technical Standards

March 2019 Technical Standards update

April 2019 Technical Standards update

May 2019 Technical Standards update

June 2019 Technical Standards update

July 2019 Technical Standards update

August 2019 Technical Standards update

September 2019 Technical Standards update

October 2019 Technical Standards update


Escalations and complaints

If you have any concerns or urgency regarding a current development please email

General enquiries can be submitted via the link below.

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Have a question for our team?