Field Contractor Onboarding

It is a requirement of CitiPower and Powercor that all Field Contractors are approved to work on our network

As a Field Services Contractor, we will give you the tools and resources to onboard new contractors and request changes to your existing workforce.

The Field Services Contractor Automation (FSCA) App is available to directly request to onboard or change your contractors.

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If you would like to use the FSCA App, or need further support, please contact our team at

For all IT access issues, please contact our IT Support Team at 1300 42 8888

1. How do I get access to FSCA to lodge applications for my workers?

To gain access to FSCA, please contact or your Contract Responsible Officer.

2. How long will it take for an application to be approved in FSCA?

Each application is different and involves different checkpoints within CitiPower and Powercor. The status of the application will be shown at the top of the screen, with the current checkpoint visible. For further information, please refer to the User Guide in the Resources and Documents section.

3. One of our subcontractors is not listed, how do we get them added?

To have a subcontractor approved to work on the network, a Subcontractor Approval Form must be filled out and submitted to your Contract Responsible Officer. Once approved, the subcontractor will be added to the list.

4. I have forgotten my username or password to log into FSCA, how can I reset this?

To reset your password, please contact out IT Helpdesk on 1300 42 8888.

5. The position required for my worker is not listed, what do I do?

If you have a new position to be added, please contact

6. How do we request IT access to Powercor Field Applications for a particular contractor?

For all IT requests and access, please contact your Contract Responsible Officer who will advise the information required.

7. How do I remove a contractor once they have left our organisation?

To remove a contractor, please raise a Terminate request. All assets on loan (keys and Photo ID/swipe cards) must be returned to the Contract Responsible Officer.

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Have a question for our team?