Choose the right tariff

You’ll see a reference to different tariffs on your electricity bill. A tariff is the cost for each unit of energy you use measured in kilowatts (kw). Most households are on a single (or flat) rate or time-of-use tariff for their variable charges. The peak pricing periods will generally be from 7am to 11pm daily and off-peak is for electricity used overnight.

When you are discussing your energy plan with your retailer, you have a choice about which type of tariff or pricing structure would suit your home and lifestyle.

  • Single rate tariffs: work well for families that need a low rate all day, everyday.
  • Time-of-use tariffs: there are various options depending on what kind of appliances you use and when. They are great for people who can plan for using their electricity at different times. For example, if you can schedule to use appliances like washing machines or dishwashers during off-peak times. Or if you have a solar PV or electric vehicle charger that means you can use more energy in off peak times.
  • Controlled load tariffs: are usually only for appliances that run overnight or in off-peak times like water heaters or electric vehicle chargers.
  • Demand tariffs: measure how much you use electricity at a point in time, rather than usage over time like a peak demand charge.

Your home’s smart meter that is installed and managed by us, makes it possible for you to access a variety of tariffs.

Remember to take a look at your energy retailer’s Basic Plan Information Document for all the terms and conditions.

To find out more about which tariff would suit you, see the information available through the Australian Energy Foundation and Australian Energy Regulator here.

We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons

We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons