Tarneit community battery

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    Early 2022 - Late 2022

Tarneit is getting one of Victoria's first community batteries.

With the support of Wyndham City Council, we are planning to install one of the first community batteries in Victoria in Tarneit.

The new battery will support the growth of rooftop solar, allow the Tarneit community to share its solar energy locally, lower costs and improve access to renewable energy, reduce emissions and move towards a clean energy future. 

Tarneit and the surrounding suburbs have some of the highest rates of solar connections in the Powercor network.  

More than 13,800 customers have connected solar to the network, making up about 42% of all customers in the area. 

The growing use of rooftop solar means power can now move in both ways – thousands of homes can now generate power and export it back into the network. 

The community battery will enable solar customers to get the benefit of energy storage without having to pay for a battery at home. 

The community battery means the network will have improved reliability – meaning less outages and fewer disruptions – as well as paving the way for future solar customers to connect to the network.  

There will be no increase on network charges as a result of this project, and over time, batteries will help reduce network charges for all customers, by reducing the need for more costly network upgrade works. 

This battery will allow customers to share their rooftop solar with others, reduce emissions and allow the community to contribute to a clean energy future.  

Potential sites for the battery area are being investigated to ensure maximum benefit and minimum disruption to the community.