How to Recover

We understand there is never a good time to have a power outage. But when the lights are back on things can start getting back to normal quickly.

Whether it was planned or unexpected, there are a few simple things you can do to recover.

  • Be cautious of fallen powerlines

Fallen powerlines or electrical connection issues may be hard to see. Look out for exposed wiring before you open doors and windows and venture outside.

  • Check your safety switches

Depending on the cause of your power outage, your safety switches may have tripped. Check the settings of all fuses on your switchboard before turning appliances back on.

  • Blow out the candles

Make sure any candles you may have used for extra lighting during a power outage are blown out and do not create a fire hazard.

  • Reset automatic gates, doors and pumps

If you’ve been operating your gates, doors or water pumps manually in the power outage, make sure you reset the system to enable automatic operation again.

  • Refresh your batteries

Many security alarm systems have temporary back-up batteries that operate in a power outage. When power is restored, these systems should automatically reconnect to mains power. If you’ve used torches or other battery powered items in your emergency kit, you may be running low on alternative power. To make sure your home is protected and emergency kit is complete, check all these batteries are still charged and in good condition in case they are needed again.

  • Check in with friends, family and neighbours

Check in with your neighbours to ensure they are safe, particularly those with special needs such as the elderly and people with disabilities.


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