How to Respond

If your power has gone out unexpectedly, then please make sure the health and safety of you, your family and if in business, your employees, is the first priority.

Our network control centre is constantly monitoring the power supplies and if there is something that has caused an outage in your community, our team will see it automatically, 24 hours a day.  Every five minutes this information updates our online outage map.

Our Customer Service Agents based in Bendigo are available 24 hours a day to support customers with faults and emergencies. In many cases when you call our team, you’ll be answered by an automatic response which identifies your location, acknowledges if an outage has occurred, and provides an estimated time the power will be restored (also known as an ETR – Estimated Time of Restoration). But there is always an option to speak to one of our agents personally.

If your power goes out, then please follow these simple tips.


  • Check if it is just your property

If only your home is affected then check your switchboard and look for any tripped circuit breakers or safety switches. It may be a case of resetting these to restore your power.


  • Check your phone for an SMS from us

We send SMS messages to customers affected by unexpected outages so you know we are taking action to restore power.  If you haven’t already subscribed to receive these alerts then you can register here.


  • Check the outage map online

Our outage map is accessible via mobile phone, tablet or computer.  It confirms interruptions and gives you an estimated time for power to be restored.  If your outage is not listed or you have more information that could assist our crews, then please call us to let us know by calling:  CitiPower: 13 12 80 Powercor: 13 24 12


  • Look after your health

If you have registered with us as a customer reliant on life support systems that require electricity, then action your contingency plan and notify us on the dedicated numbers you have been provided.  (CitiPower on 1800 066 909 or Powercor on 1300 364 301).

If an unexpected power outage results in a life threatening situation, then please call 000 immediately and request an ambulance.


  • Keep food safe

Only open your fridge or freezer doors when absolutely necessary as this will keep the food and air temperatures colder for longer.  Visit the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services for more information at:


  • Switch off appliances

Switch off and unplug sensitive electrical and electronic equipment including computers, televisions and home theatres.  Leave one light switch on though so you know when power is restored.

Always be aware and stay well clear of fallen powerlines. Report them immediately through the contact numbers below.


Contact us about faults and emergencies by:

Calling: CitiPower 13 12 80, Powercor 13 24 12