Summer Saver Program

Earn financial rewards for using less electricity this summer

Summer Saver is a new program where CitiPower and Powercor lets you know when energy demand is expected to be high and financially rewards you for using less energy during those times. This helps us to continue to provide reliable energy to your neighbourhood.

How does the Summer Saver program work?

Step 1: We tell you an event is coming

We’ll SMS you 48 hours before an event and send you a reminder on the day. Start thinking about how you might reduce your electricity consumption.

Step 2: Choose to reduce or shift energy use#

You might decide to do your washing outside of the event period or turn the air-conditioner up a few degrees, while still staying cool and comfortable. Check out our tips to use less power. Or if it isn’t convenient, you can choose not to participate in the event.

Remember to always prioritise your safety- do not turn off appliances if it could cause harm to you or anyone in your household.

Step 3: Earn rewards!

After each event, we will let you know you how you went. Any rewards you earn will be loaded onto a digital gift card^ and sent to you after the program finishes.

Events are usually held on days where it is forecast to be over 35 degrees and we think there will be an increase in usage that might place stress on the grid. We expect there to be at least 3 events during the program, which runs from 1 December 2021 until 31 March 2022.

What rewards can I earn?

  • $5 for every 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you reduce during an event, compared with your expected usage*
  • Plus, a 50% bonus if your energy reduction is maintained for the whole 3-hour period.

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The program is subject to terms and conditions that can be found here.

* Before an event is held, an expected usage amount is calculated for each customer and is used to measure performance and calculate any rewards.
# Please consider health impacts when reducing energy use; if you or someone in your household is using life support equipment, you cannot take part in this program.
^ Third party digital gift card provider’s terms and conditions will apply.