Media Release: Advertising campaign launch

19 August, 2018

CitiPower and Powercor are proud launch a new advertising campaign highlighting the role we play in our community.

The 12-week campaign, kicking off Sunday 19 August 2018, will be delivered through a mix of TV, print, billboard and online advertising in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

The campaign aims to increase the community’s understanding of the critical role we play in delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity to homes and businesses in western Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. We believe this is particularly important as we head into the spring and summer seasons.

The advertisements features our very own lineys as they are often the face of the business. The lineys are at the front line when it comes to maintaining our network and making sure that if the power does go out, it’s restored quickly and safely and often in very challenging conditions.

The campaign will run for 12 weeks featuring TV, outdoor, online and print advertisements across our network area.