No Go Zones

No Go Zones are designed to assist people to maintain a safe working distance from electricity assets.

A No Go Zone assessment is required for anyone working in or near a No Go Zone around electricity infrastructure. The assessment will detail the conditions you must follow in order to carry out your work safely.

The No Go Zone defines a minimum distance that people and their equipment must maintain when they are working near overhead and underground electricity assets. Guidance is also available for what to do when these clearances cannot be met.

The types of equipment covered by the guidelines include cranes, excavators, concrete pumps, elevated work platforms (including scissor lifts) and scaffolding.

To find out more about No Go Zones, visit Worksafe Victoria via the links below.

For additional information regarding scaffolding visit Energy Safe Victoria.

If required, any permit issued will detail the conditions and methods you must adhere to in order to carry out your work safely. Please follow the link below to apply for a No Go Zone assessment. Please note that charges may apply for some applications.

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Vegetation No Go Zone

Does your enquiry relate to a vegetation No Go Zone? Click this link.

Vegetation management
No Go Zones for overhead electrical power lines 

If the work site contains electrical powerlines, then before any work commences, check the relevant No Go Zone safety procedures:

  • No work is to commence until ‘written permission’ has been granted to employers by  CitiPower or  Powercor
  • Alternatively, employers will be deemed to have gained permission if they have developed safe systems of work using industry specific No Go Zone safety procedures endorsed by the Utilities Safety Committee.
  • Industry specific No Go Zone safety procedures are available from the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector,  WorkSafe Victoria or the Office of Gas Safety.
  • You must always follow these safe systems of work. If you cannot comply with these safety procedures, then no work shall be undertaken without written permission from  CitiPower  or Powercor.

There are special provisions for plant and equipment operating near overhead power lines such as cranes, concrete placing booms, excavators, elevated work platforms, tip trucks and load shifters.

More information on these special conditions is available from WorkSafe Victoria or by visiting Energy Safe Victoria.

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No Go Zones for underground electrical services 

No work should commence on a work site until you have checked if it contains underground services. Here is how you can find out.

  • Dial Before You Dig (Call 1100) provides free and easy access to the records of many organisations, including telecommunications, water, electricity, and gas.
  • To see the list of organisations registered with the service or to log an enquiry electronically, visit the Dial Before You Dig website at 

If the work site contains underground services, then before any work commences, check the relevant No Go Zone safety procedures:

  • No go zone safety procedures are available from all gas, water, telecommunications and electricity companies, ESV, WorkSafe Victoria or the Office of Gas Safety.
  • You must always follow these safe systems of work. If you cannot comply with these safety procedures, then no work shall be undertaken without permission from the utility company.

Further information and checklists for undertaking work near underground assets is available at WorkSafe Victoria or by visiting  Energy Safe Victoria.

Underground clearences

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Apply for a No Go Zone assessment

Follow the link to apply

No Go Zone Permit

Apply for a No Go Zone assessment

Visit our mySupply  portal to submit an application for a  No Go Zone assessment.

We will assess your application to determine if a site visit and permit to work is required.

Please note our application assessment timeframes are subject to volumes and specific site locations.

We aim to respond between 10 and 15 working days to begin assessing your application. If applicable, timeframes and costs (quote estimate) will be discussed with you at the site visit.

If your application relates to vegetation clearing, please also allow time for any works our team needs to undertake to plan network instructions to ensure the site is safe. This can take up to 40 days.

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