People and projects

Hear from some industry-leading experts driving the change and innovation necessary to build safe and resilient CitiPower and Powercor networks, help reduce carbon emissions and support some of the biggest projects in Victoria.

Customer centric culture

Rebecca Casey manages our 24/7 Customer Contact Centre – a key demonstration of how customers are at the centre of everything we do. With a primary team in Bendigo supported by teams in Ballarat and Melbourne, our highly-skilled customer service agents ensure both emergency requests and day-to-day enquiries are responded to with care and efficiency.

Digital innovation

Digital Product Manager, Peter McKay is the architect of new technologies that are used to manage and maintain our vast and often remote network. Using big data, smart technology and a couple of helicopters, his team has enabled the use of LiDAR analytics for asset and vegetation management. They’re now using high-resolution UAV photography captured by drones to help with remote pole inspections.

Community battery programs

Collaborating with communities, energy retailers and government is the realm of Regulated Opportunities Lead, Genevieve Hart, who is managing a portfolio of projects supporting community energy ambitions, particularly in respect to the rollout of batteries to support networks and greater solar exports.

5-Minute Settlement

This $55 million project meant significant changes to 44 of our systems in one of the largest IT projects undertaken by our business. It enables customers’ smart meters and their associated systems to collect, store and send data about energy consumption in 5-minute increments.

Led by IT Delivery Lead, Market Compliance, Eugene Tverdolov, this 3-year project was delivered on time in late 2021 by a team of over 100. It has established an IT system capability vital for enabling customer participation in future energy markets through aggregators and Virtual Power Plants.

Advanced network safety in bushfire risk areas

Luke Plocinski was part of the pioneering Powercor team responsible for installing advanced network safety devices in high bushfire risk areas. The team won the 2021 Victorian Project of the Year Award from the Australian Institute of Project Management for the outstanding delivery of the second of three phases of the multi-year rollout.

International Treasury

Our businesses have achieved high credit ratings on a national and international basis. Treasurer Diane Crossley, manages a portfolio of debt while sustaining high credit ratings on national and international markets. In 2021, we issued 30% of the Australian Medium Term Notes issued by the Australian utilities sector and were the most prolific issuer of private placements.

International award for project management

Nick Casey was part of the CitiPower Urban Projects team that won Gold at the 2021 International Project Management Association Awards. This was for their work in supporting the Department of Transport and Yarra Trams to create the first fully accessible tram route in Melbourne.

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