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Building capacity in our network starts with a skilled team

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Our people are our most important asset.

We understand that investing in people we build our capacity to deliver excellent services for business as well as the customers and communities we serve.

Learning in a hybrid environment

Sarah Falzon, Learning Services Advisor, coordinates an extensive program of education and development opportunities. She talks about how we’ve adapted our learning delivery over the past two years – and the response we get.

Enriched and recognised

We aim to provide high-quality programs and development activities so our people can perform at their best and achieve career goals. We deliver thousands of hours of training each month to people working in all areas of our business.

Our training program includes opportunities tailored to our business and operations. It also includes structured courses for apprentices and trainees, graduate programs in engineering and information technology, leadership development and developing new skills.

All of our team members are encouraged to work with their direct manager to identify areas of interest. In addition to our published program, we also support external learning, graduate or postgraduate studies and specialist skills programs.

Our leadership programs are designed for people to build capabilities in managing self, taking the lead, enabling others, being strategy-focused and executing results. They range from introductory leadership programs to a Diploma in Management and masterclasses delivered through our partnership with Melbourne Business School.

Other dedicated programs have been designed to build skills that will drive our continued leadership of the industry and expertise in the technology it relies upon.

Developing future-ready skills

Analytical and critical thinking: breaking down and evaluating data for better decision-making.

Creativity: imagining, generating and experimenting with new ideas for processes, systems or solutions.

Digital literacy: using digital platforms to generate new business services and outcomes.

Embrace change: celebrating change and flexibility as an opportunity.

Emotional intelligence: managing your emotions and forming constructive workplace relationships.

Interpersonal communication: relating openly, comfortably and authentically with diverse audiences.

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