Our vision and values

Vision and values

Our vision

Our corporate strategy is anchored by a vision to deliver affordable, reliable and safe electricity supply, empowering customer choices and delivering services important to our communities and environment.

This vision has evolved as our businesses and the role of our network in the energy supply chain has transformed. With customers at the centre of what we do, our traditional role in providing reliable electricity supply is still a high priority.

But as more customers choose new technologies to generate, use, store and share power, we have an important role to play in managing the integration of two-way power flows and enabling a clean energy future.

Five strategic drivers form the basis of our corporate planning:

  • Customer outcomes. Continually improving our service standards and resources to enable customer choice and make it easy to work with us.
  • Stakeholder engagement. Listening to the needs of all customers and stakeholders, so we can deliver solutions that support communities and economic growth.
  • Operational excellence. Efficiently operating and maintaining our network to ensure high standards of reliability and safety, in cost-effective ways.
  • Future networks. Evolving and adapting our infrastructure and services to enable emerging technologies, while remaining competitive.
  • Regulatory outcomes. Designing financial plans in collaboration with operational teams to balance the expectations of regulators, shareholders, customers and stakeholders.

Our values

In working to achieve business objectives, our teams are united under a commitment to five key values. These define the behaviours that ensure our high-performance culture.

  • Live safely
  • Be the best you can be
  • Succeed together
  • Improve your business
  • Be customer and community minded

Each year we reward those whose performance is an outstanding demonstration of our values through our Living our Values Awards (LOVA). Our LOVA People of the Year are recognised through individual and team awards for each of our values.

Our vision

To deliver affordable, reliable and safe supplies of electricity that empower our customers’ choices and deliver services important to our communities and environment.

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