Where you can work

Staff working locations and flexible work arrangements

Melbourne and western Victoria

Our teams are based in 15 locations across Melbourne and western Victoria.

All these locations feature workspaces designed to provide a contemporary environment that caters for both collaboration and teamwork, as well as space for privacy when it’s needed.

Head Office

Our head office in Market Street, Melbourne, houses our corporate functions, information technology and network planning teams. However, our largest teams are divided through multiple locations.

Network Services depots

The Network Services team operates from 14 depots. The Burnley depot in Richmond manages most of the activity in the CitiPower network. The other depots shown on the map below are strategically positioned across the Powercor region to support the delivery of fast, efficient services to customers in our regional communities. We are progressively updating our depots to provide crews with better technology, improve fleet vehicles and resources, and provide room for growth.

Customer Group

Our Customer Group is primarily based in Bendigo, Ballarat and Melbourne, where our dedicated customer contact centre manages calls and emails from our customers every day with people available to personally respond to inquiries all day and night.

Avalon Airport

The newest location is Avalon Airport where the helicopters used for aerial asset and vegetation inspections and their crew of pilots and support staff are based.

Flexible working and remote access

However, flexible working conditions mean there is no strict separation between these locations. Depending on the work they do, CitiPower and Powercor people can operate from a variety of environments.

Some choose to combine working from home with time spent at an office or depot. This facilitates work-life balance while allowing for collaborative work with teams and colleagues.

Extensive technology systems across our operations enable remote access and allow integration into our IT network from a range of locations.