Junior Liney academy

Meet Max and Pippa, our Liney apprentices.

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Meet Max and Pippa, our Liney apprentices.

Line workers, or Liney’s are the heart of our business. Every year we welcome new apprentices to the business.

Max and Pippa joined the team due to a mutual love of the outdoors, working with their hands and tackling new challenges each day. They love being part of a team and delivering power to Victorian communities.

Say hello to Pippa!

Role at Powercor:  Third-Year Apprentice

Liney Superpower:  Super Brave

Personality:  Pippa is strong-willed and passionate; she loves to get her hands dirty and working in a team to get the job done. She also has a great sense of humour and believes a positive attitude can improve any situation.

Interests: Pippa is very community-orientated, playing and refereeing in the local netball league. When she is not on the job or taking shots on the court, Pippa is playing fetch with her dog, Sparky.

Say hello to Max!

Role at Powercor: Fourth-Year Apprentice

Liney Superpower: Super Safety

Personality: Max is the friendliest guy you will meet, he is always up for a chat but when the job needs to get done, safety and efficiency is his focus. He believes in doing the best job you can and helping others to do the same.

Interests: Max loves his footy but is really a general sports-nut. He coaches the local under 10’s AFL team and enjoys helping out around the club. His other major passion is music – he is always the first to hit the dance floor, especially when it is time to do his ‘safety dance.’

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Max and Pippa's book!

    Do the safety dance!

    Safety is Max and Pippa’s number one priority when they’re working so they’ve decided to create a new safety dance for everyone to enjoy. It’s simple. Watch the video below and Max and Pippa will show you how it is done. The words to the song are also there and tell the story of why a safe day is a great day!

    Can you do the five signature moves?

    • Hard hat on your head
    • Gloves are on your hands
    • Glasses on your eyes
    • Equipment it’s all by your side
    • A safe day’s a great day, a safe day’s a great great day!