Energy Partner


Become an Energy Partner and you can earn money when helping to reduce electricity demand in your community. 

Powercor Energy Partner is an innovative new program by Powercor with RACV which enables you to help save electricity in the Bellarine Peninsula and parts of the Surf Coast for a few hours, on a few really hot days over summer*.

From 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2019, you can partner with Powercor to help reduce demand through air conditioning in your home. 


It’s a simple thing you can do to help.

  • We will notify you of these busy, peak days by calling an Event and sending an email or text 24 hours, the morning of and 1 to 2 hours prior to when we propose to start.
  • You’ll have time to pre-cool your home before we set the temperature on your air conditioner to a maximum of 26 degrees for around 3 hours.
  • You also have the ability to opt-out if it doesn’t suit you on the day.
  • We will pay you $20 every time you participate in an Event for the full 3 hours and you’ll go in to the draw to win a $1,000 RACV resorts voucher**.
  • That’s extra pocket money for your family or to help with your energy bills.



Become a Powercor Energy Partner and you could also help power your local school~.

As a special offer to support the introduction of this program to areas within the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast, we are offering a competition benefiting local schools. The school with the most families who register and participate in Powercor Energy Partner events will receive a grant of $10,000. 



How does it Work? 

It all happens via Sensibo – the ultimate smart device designed to automate the control of your air conditioner and save energy. We will provide and install the Sensibo unit, with an RRP $159, in your home for free.

Sensibo gives you control to manage the environment in your home from anywhere, anytime, by monitoring and adjusting your air conditioner via a mobile app. It can automatically turn on and off your air con and allows you to control the system when you’re away from home.  

It also gives Powercor the ability to set the temperature on your air conditioning unit on those few really hot days when demand is highest.

We know from experience there are around 4 to 5 Events every summer when the temperature is over 36 degrees for a few consecutive days and everyone turns to cold air conditioning for relief. On these days, turning up your air con a few degrees will still help you stay cool and can help reduce electricity demand.  

For Powercor, it takes pressure off our infrastructure. Increasing the capacity on our poles and wires to allow for high peak demand on a small number of days each year often requires major investments in our network. By partnering with households to manage demand on these days, we can keep network charges low and avoid disruption and noise from work in your community. 

We are committed to providing customers with a safe, reliable and affordable electricity supply. Our network charges are amongst the lowest in the industry, representing around a quarter of your annual electricity bill.


*Program terms and conditions apply. **Competition terms and conditions apply. ~Schools program competition terms & conditions apply.