Frequently asked questions

What do I use bundled requests for?

You should use bundled requests to create and submit multiple connection requests for a multi-occupancy site (or on same land title) that requires completion in conjunction i.e., at the same time. For example:

  • multiple alterations along with metered new connections
  • multiple metered new connections
  • alteration, metered new connections and abolishment
  • multiple abolishments
How many requests can be added to a bundle?

You can add up to 35 requests in a bundle.

I have an alteration which has a different address to a new connections and land title. Am I required to submit these as a bundled request?

eConnect checks the addresses of the CR’s at submission of the bundle. They must be the same for the bundle to be submitted.

If the alteration is an old address which needs updating, please send us a request to update the address with a copy of rates notice.

What is not included in a bundled request?

Solar, unmetered supply and embedded network requests cannot be added to a bundled request. Please continue to submit these requests via the new connections or alterations or abolishment options.

How do I create a bundled request?

Please refer to the  work instructions  or  video  on how to create a bundled request.

What site information should I provide to progress my bundled request in timely fashion?

Please provide CES for all prescribed works e.g., risers, submains, common metering panel. You can attach them to the CR for P/L or to the lowest tenancy in the bundle. We require this information to carry out the connection works.

At times this information may be with the REC undertaking base building or common property works.

Can I add a CR to a bundled request after I have submitted it?

No. We are not able to add a CR to a bundle, so it is important that all CRs are added to the bundle prior to submission.

Prior to submission of the bundled requests, you can keep it as draft and submit when you believe all the connections requests required to be done at the same time at the site have been added to the bundle.

Can I remove a CR from a bundled request?

Prior to submitting the bundled request, you can remove or cancel CRs from the bundle.

Remove – when you select ‘Remove’ the CR will be removed from the bundle but will still exist as a single CR request, which you can submit as a single CR.

Cancel – when you select ‘Cancel’ the CR status will change to ‘Cancelled’, you will no longer be able to use this CR and the cancelled CR will be removed from the bundle when you submit the bundle request.

After Submission of the bundled request, you will have to call us to unlink a CR from the bundle.

How do I manage and access bundled requests I have submitted?

You can manage and access your bundled requests through your eConnect dashboard by selecting “View bundled requests.”

How do I know a CR is part of a bundled request?

When a CR is part of a bundle you will see bundle request ID along with a link at the top of the CR ID, for example: BNDL- 000781DIGC-1342.

Documents and Resources

eConnect FAQs

What is eConnect?

eConnect is CitiPower and Powercor’s new online Electrical Work Request (EWR) system. It enables Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs), Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs), Non-Electricians (Solar Providers, Builders, Market participants) and guest users (the general public) to submit their Solar Pre-Approval, New Connection, Alteration and Abolishment requests online, directly to CitiPower and Powercor.

It also enables users to track and monitor the progress of their requests, to update and cancel requests and to book appointments online.

Who can use eConnect?

Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs), Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs), Non-Electricians (Solar Providers, Builders, Market participants), Retailers, and guest users (the general public) can use eConnect.

What services are available on eConnect?
  • Submit and extend solar pre-approval requests
  • Submit and track new connections
  • Submit and track alterations
  • Submit and track abolishments
  • Submit Enquiries
  • Supporting Retailer raised Meter Investigations and Meter Reconfigurations.
Do I need to register to use eConnect?

Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs), Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs) and Non-Electricians must register to use eConnect. A guest user, who has a one-off Solar Pre-Approval or connection request, or is an infrequent user of eConnect, is not required to register an account.

For instructions on how to register an eConnect account, click  here.

What is the difference between a REC/LEW and guest user?

A REC and LEW are required to register an  eConnect  account for them to submit, track and update their connections requests.

A guest user is not required to register an eConnect account and will be able to track the progress of a request using a unique Connection Request ID number and password generated by the system. Guest users are also able to submit a Solar Pre-Approval request.

What are the benefits to me if I register as a user?

As a registered user, eConnect will be your one-stop-shop and will enable you to:

  • Submit your connections requests directly to CitiPower and Powercor
  • Track and update your connections requests
  • Clone connection requests for re-use
  • Receive notification via SMS and email about the status of your connections requests
  • Manage your user account
  • Store your details for re-use each time you submit a new connection request
  • Have CitiPower and Powercor engage directly with the Retailer for the B2B Service Order documentation to be provided to support the connection request
  • Access the connection request details and receive status updates as the request progresses.
Can I attach my Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) in eConnect?

Yes. It is recommended that for all New Connection requests that you attach your CES via the file upload or photo option in eConnect. If it is left onsite and cannot be located, a wasted truck visit may be charged.

Am I able to change how CitiPower and Powercor notify me of the connection request progress?

Yes. When you register your eConnect account, you can select how you wish to be notified. You can change this notification method by logging in to your account and updating your notification preference details.

Am I able to provide CitiPower and Powercor with additional information to support the connection request?

Yes. eConnect enables you to upload photos, as well as provide detailed information in free text fields that may assist with progressing the connection request.

Am I able to control who can submit requests on my behalf?

As a REC, if you have a locked account, you can nominate Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs) to submit work on your behalf. You can manage these users by logging in to your eConnect account. You will have access to all connection requests submitted and completed by LEWs permitted to work on your behalf.