Solar Meter Set-up and Associated Charges

The information below details CitiPower and Powercor process and charges* that apply upon solar meter set-up of solar tariffs.

Fees assume no other works are required at the time of solar installation.

Solar photovoltic (PV) generation connections are classified as basic connections services. If you do not require your premises to be energised on completion of the micro embedded generation connection, you can apply for the basic connection service using the eConnect.


*  Retailer charges may differ from CitiPower and Powercor’s charges as shown here. Please refer to Network Tariffs and Charges for full details of all services charges.

** If your premise does not have smart metering installed, the meter will need to be updated to a smart meter (also known as an AMI Meter). We are obliged to install a bi-directional electricity meter at any site with an embedded generator operating in parallel with our grid under clause 7.3.1(a)(7) of the National Electricity Rules.

The AMI Meter (Smart Meter) is the only compliant bi-directional meter we have available to install that is compliant with its obligations under the National Electricity Rules.

*** All solar PV systems require Pre-Approval before final application for connection.

When a solar PV generator is proposed to be installed at a premise and the aim is to generate electricity that is transferred back into the electricity distribution network, approval is required before the solar PV generator can be connected.

The pre-approval process checks the capacity of the electricity distribution transformer servicing the premises to ensure the solar PV-generated export does not exceed the electricity distribution transformer limits for connected embedded generation. Exceeding these limits results in impacts to the quality of supply of the electricity distribution network and therefore impacts all customers attached to the electricity distribution transformer.

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Have a question for our team?