Retailer Resources

Electricity retailers are an important part of our business and we work together to deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply to customers.

The following retailer resources and tools are available to retailers for Connection Services enquiries.

For urgent enquiries such as same day connections, please call our Retailer Enquiry Line. 

CitiPower: 1300 724 234

Powercor: 1300 243 422


What is Connection Services?

Connection Services are responsible for the coordination of safe customer connections and disconnections. This includes receiving, processing and completing service order requests from Retailers in accordance with agreed National B2B Service Order Processes and Network regulatory obligations.

We process your B2B requests for New Connections, Additions and Alterations, Abolishment, Re-energisation, De-energisation, Special Reads, Reconfigurations and Investigations.

Connections Services is also responsible for Solar Connection pre approvals and they provide Technical expertise via our Connection Technical Advisors (CTAs). We are also responsible for the NMI creation and maintenance in the National Electricity Market. This includes setting up Type 5 – 7 metering, datastreams, the network tariff and maintaining the site address.

What's an enquiry?

An enquiry should be sent to our enquiries team, via the Enquiry Form, for general enquiries and update requests relating to:

  • Service order scheduled / completed dates and times
  • NMI standing data updates in MSATS (i.e. updating status or address – 5 days after paperwork has been received)
  • Market Participant updates
  • Tariff updates in MSATS
  • Metering information requests from incoming meter providers to update meters to a RRIM / Comms.
  • Datastream enquiries.
What is Core Work?

Our core work function is the creation and maintenance of a NMI within the CitiPower and Powercor Network.

Our tasks include;

  • Receiving and processing paperwork for specific jobs, such as EWR, CES, Supply Investigation Forms (sites >40 Amps) and paperwork relating to sites that have been de-energised for a period of 12 months or longer. Metering paperwork (NOMWs) for Comm’s metered sites.
  • Meter transposition and Dis-aggregation requests
  • Embedded Networks
  • Solar Re-programs
  • Retailer response enquiries and disputed ACS applied charges.
  • Service Order Cancellations (I would think this would go via the normal B2B process). Something that needs to be decided with the B2B and Special Readings Teams.
  • NMI standing data updates (address updates, DLF/TNI confirmations).
Have a question for our team?

Have a question for our team?