Registered Electrical Contractors

Registered Electrical Contractors help us to supply the quality of service our customers expect.

As an REC, you’re a valuable part of our team so, we provide you the support you need to help do your job well.

Some of these services include:

  • Dedicated phone lines and email addresses
  • Tech Talk newsletters
  • Online training
  • On-site visits

Our REC helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phoning: 1300 360 410


When you receive my paperwork from the retailer, do you call me and book the job?

When there’s a booking for a service truck or our metering section, we’ll call you to arrange a time.

How quickly can you complete the job?

Your supply will be connected within 10 business days from receiving all the paperwork from the retailer.

Can we do the job after hours if needed?

Yes, if we can organise a crew. There will be additional costs for working after hours.

How do I get an underground connected to my place? Who does it and how quickly can the works be completed?

A CTA will meet you on site to go through the process.

How much power can I have to my premises? How do I apply for it? How long before I get an answer?

You can send us a letter or an email with your requirements. Then a project manager will be in touch within about four weeks.

After the meter is supplied, when is my power supply connected?

Normally within 48 hours, or at an arranged time.

My inspector said “...

Your inspector works for you but may not know about some of our requirements.

See how you use electricity over time and identify ways to become more energy efficient
Upgrade or extend our network for new developments, small and large scale connections and public lighting
Want to receive outage notifications?

Want to receive outage notifications?