Service Installation Rules

To comply with our regulations, we need our suppliers to observe these important Service Installation Rules.

Victoria Service and Installations Rules provide standards for distributors, such as CitiPower and Powercor, and other service providers.

These rules, set by the Victoria Service Installation Rules Management Committee, help us to comply with our regulatory obligations.

If you’d like a hard copy of the Service Installation Rules, you can call Information Victoria on 1300 366 356. The rules are also available from electrical contractor and inspection organisations, and from most electrical wholesalers.

Network specific requirements

Our suppliers and contractors must also observe the requirements we’ve set for Interval Meter Installations, along with the Victorian Service and Installation Rules. Review the Metering Wiring document for specific requirements when working in a CitiPower or Powercor network.

Have a question for our team?

Have a question for our team?