Find the best energy plan for your home

If you are moving addresses or just want to make sure you are paying the right amount, you can compare energy plans offered by different electricity retailers.

Victorian residents can ask retailers for a Victorian Default Offer. This is a maximum flat rate set by the Essential Services Commission as a fair electricity deal for people who are unable or unwilling to engage in the retail energy market.

The default offer will not necessarily be the lowest price available to you. So you can use it to compare against energy plans offered by energy retailers.

It is good to shop around to make sure you are getting the best electricity offer for your home.

Victorian Energy Compare is an independent, government website that uses information you provide about both your household and your energy bills to help find the best energy offers for you. All you need is a recent bill with your National Meter Identifier (NMI) See image below for where you can find your NMI on your bill. Then visit the Victorian Government’s Energy Compare site to find the best energy offer for you.

Things to think about

There are many energy plans available and which one is best for you depends on factors like:

  • how long you want to sign up to a contract for
  • any fees the retailer may charge
  • discounts or special deals the retailer may offer
  • the best tariff for when you use electricity
  • whether you would prefer electricity generated by renewable energy sources (or Green Power)
  • if you have a rooftop solar system and are looking to export electricity to the network.

For advice on how to switch plans, visit the Australian Energy Foundation and Australian Energy Regulator here.


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