How to read your bill

Reading your bill doesn’t have to be complex. Check out this video for a quick overview for what parts of your bill are important for when you want to budget, find a new retailer, or invest in energy efficiency.


Your bill is made up of two types of charges:

  • Supply charge: which is a fixed, daily rate and covers the cost of managing the poles, wires, and meters which deliver electricity to your home, as well as managing vegetation near electrical assets and public lighting.
  • Variable charges: which are based on the amount of electricity that you consume at your home and can change based on the season, whether or not you have solar, and how energy efficient your home is.

As your network distribution company, we manage the assets – poles, wires, and meters that bring electricity to your home and we recover those costs through the fixed, supply charge. This rate is determined on an annual basis and set by the Australian Energy Regulator.

The variable charges are set by your retailer and based on market costs and the costs associated with electricity generation. This is where you can have the most impact on reducing your bill because it is based on how much electricity you use in your home and which retail plan you are on.

By understanding how much you spend on a monthly and annual basis, you can compare other retailers and make sure you are on the best plan for your home.

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