How to read your bill

Electricity bills are sent by your energy retailer. Check out this video below for a quick overview for what parts of your bill are important when you want to budget, find a new retailer or improve energy efficiency.


By understanding how much you spend on a monthly and annual basis, you can compare other retailers and make sure you are on the best plan for your home.

There are two types of charges found on these bills.

Supply charge

This is a fixed, daily rate and includes the CitiPower or Powercor distribution costs to operating, maintaining and managing the network of poles, wires, and smart meters that deliver electricity to your home.

Our supply charges are fully regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator and set annually. On average they account for about 30% of your total electricity costs.

Variable charges

These are based on the amount of electricity you consume in your home. They can change based on the season, whether or not you have solar, and how energy efficient your appliances are.

The variable charges are set by your retailer and based on the type of energy plan you are on as well as when and how you use electricity. This is where you can have the most impact on reducing your bill.

As a distribution network, our role is to manage the smart meter that measures the amount of electricity you use in your home. Almost all of our customers have smart meters which send us data about their electricity supply every day. We then provide this information to the energy retailers. So the bills you receive are for the actual amount of electricity you have used, not an estimate.

The energy retailer then prepares your electricity bill based on the energy plan you’ve signed up to.

More detailed information on how to read your bill is available through the Australian Energy Foundation and Australian Energy Regulator here.

Australian Energy Foundation
Victorian Energy Compare
Victorian Energy Saver
Consumer Affairs VIC


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We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons