Flexible Hot Water

We’re improving how our customers share, access and store renewable energy by trialling a new daytime off-peak period using electric hot water systems.

Beginning in early 2024, we’ll be seeking to demonstrate the value of load shifting to hot water customers and the communities that depend on a reliable electricity network.

200 existing Hot Water Load Control customers on the Powercor network will be invited to participate in a three-month trial that will test the customer benefits of this new daytime off-peak period.

It will also allow us to optimise daytime load shifting before making it available to all controlled load customers in the second half of 2024.

More information regarding the roll-out of daytime load shifting will be released shortly.

Why is this important?

880MW of residential rooftop solar is currently connected to Powercor’s network – and this number is growing every year by around 10 per cent.

All this clean, affordable energy is reducing the amount of electricity customers are drawing from the network, which is great for all customers, but it can create complications when excess energy exported to the grid has nowhere to go.

For customers that rely on the network for their electricity, falling demand can create problems by reducing the minimum demand needed to support a range of network services from voltage management to inertia.

Our role, in addition to providing a reliable electricity supply, is to balance supply and demand in a world increasingly made up of intermittent renewable energy, while adapting to changing consumption behaviour driven by customer energy resources.

It’s called the see-saw, balancing supply and demand in real-time using controllable loads and generators connected to the low-voltage network.

By being smart about how electric hot water systems are managed, we can continue to supply a safe, reliable supply of electricity to all customers, while improving how we manage renewable energy for everyone’s benefit.

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