Private Generation

With some of the state’s best resource areas for wind and solar generation in the Powercor region, more communities are investing in ways to build shared renewable generation infrastructure.

We facilitate these projects to support customers and communities to take control of their energy choices.

Depending on the project, these initiatives rely on our data, assets and infrastructure at some point of their development and operation. Depending on the size and scale of the development, there are also different regulatory considerations.

We are preparing a package of services which supports each stage of the development process from initial establishment and scoping to when the private generator starts operating.

Private Generation Project Powercor services
Project establishment Private generation service package advice
Research Data and information regarding the network capacity and constraints within the project area and demand trends.
Business case Online application service. Cost estimates for connection and tariff offer.
Project development Technical support with grid connection and design studies. Testimonial support for fundraising initiatives. Planning for associated network infrastructure. Finalise connection agreement.
Construction Construct any necessary supporting infrastructure. Inspect and monitor the generator construction
Operation Generator monitoring. Distributed Energy Resources management and monitoring. Metering services.

Specialist service team


We are establishing a dedicated team in our Customer Group to support private generation proposals with a consistent entry point and project coordination resource.

This group will coordinate internally with our technical, construction and regulatory teams to provide a seamless response to the needs of private generation customers, regardless of type. This service is available to small generation proposals of less than 5MW capacity connected to our low voltage network.

We’ll provide more information about this group, its services and contact details soon.

Applications for projects larger than 5MW capacity are subject to a more extensive process managed in cooperation with AEMO. These projects are managed through our Network Services team.  To lodge an enquiry, visit mySupply.


We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons

We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons