What to know before you install solar

Rooftop solar can be a smart and sustainable way to take control of your energy costs. Before you start the process though, it's important you check with us first. As your network distributor we can tell you if you'll be able to export excess solar back to the grid, and if so, how much.

Check before you connect

Solar can be great way to take control of your power bills, but don’t rely on your installer to know everything. You need to do your own research first.

As your network distributor, we manage the poles, wires and meters associated with delivering electricity to your home. This means that when it comes to solar energy, we also transport excess energy from your solar system back to the electricity network.

There are a variety of factors affecting the amount of solar you can export and this can influence how much solar you choose to put on your house.

To understand what’s possible with your solar system in your neighbourhood, it’s important to check with us first. We are the only source of truth on the health of the electricity network in your area, so use our eConnect portal to understated your export capacity limits, before commencing any work.

Online requests and tracking for basic connections that don't require network upgrades