CitiPower hits a six with record amount for 2023-24 Cricket Victoria Canteen Grants

29 February, 2024


In partnership with Cricket Victoria, we’re proud to award $81,000 in grants to seventeen Victorian cricket clubs, through our 2023-24 CitiPower and Cricket Victoria Canteen Grants program.

Now in it’s sixth year, we’ve funded a total of $360,000 to over 80 local cricket clubs in our state.


“With over $80,000 invested in the latest round of this program, which is nearly a 50% increase on the previous year, we’re seeing real benefits and safety improvements for players and volunteers alike.

We all know how essential canteens are to local clubs, but it’s also the one place where electrical safety risks are most likely to be found. So far, we’ve awarded grants to 86 local cricket clubs, clubs who have now directly benefited from the program to improve their electrical infrastructure.”

Scott Russell, General Manager Corporate Affairs, Strategy & Customer Group


Clubs were able to apply for grants of up to $5000 to fund a range of necessary improvements, including electrical upgrades, new refrigerators, dishwashers, pie warmers and oven replacements.

Of the 100 grant submissions received, one of the successful recipients was Knoxfield Knights. Former Knoxfield junior and Victorian fast bowler, Mitch Perry returned to his home club for the official announcement.

The Knights will receive $5000 to purchase a fast action industrial dishwasher for their club kitchen, freeing up time and money to be invested on improving facilities in the club for players and coaches.


“It’s always great to come back to the club and remember some of the terrific premierships I have been a part of, and it’s obviously outstanding from CitiPower to give some money to grass roots clubs, especially Knoxfield I was very excited when they won that.

“The funds will go to something very important and hopefully when I come back again we can get rid of the plastic cutlery and eat of something nicer. And CitiPower are putting in the time and effort for not only the electrical safety to be improved but also the infrastructure around it – and awesome for CitiPower to invest in canteens as having a healthy canteen helps keep the club going.”

Mitch Perry, Victorian fast bowler & former Knoxfield junior


Knoxfield Knights are located in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne have been around for over 55 years and their canteen is an essential part of club life and a key fundraising tool. Over the season, the club runs weekly meals on Thursdays, and most Saturday nights a team results BBQ is held.

Despite this busy schedule, the club’s canteen didn’t have a dishwasher, and have been serving food on disposable plates and cutlery. Keen to more environmentally friendly, they applied for a grant so they can stop purchasing these items and have a way of washing plates, cutlery, glasses, pots, and pans quickly and efficiently.

The new dishwasher will not only support them during the cricket season, but also greatly benefit the winter tenants Knox United Soccer Club who currently have around 400 members.


“Getting the CitiPower grant means that we no longer have to buy disposable plastic and bamboo cups, plates or cutlery, so it will mean that we can reduce waste around the club and that’s all thanks to the CitiPower Grant.

“And because we now have the money for this industrial dishwasher, it’s not a cheap one, it means that everyone spends less time in the kitchen and it frees up funds to spend on equipment, coaching and what players need to help them be the best and help the club, it will go a long way.”

Greg Paroissien, Knoxfield Club President



“We continue to see record levels of interest in this program since its inception. Ultimately the Canteen Grants help to ensure clubs can continue to provide a safe environment with appropriate equipment and appliances. It makes a real difference in assisting clubs, volunteers and communities.

“CitiPower have invested a record $81,000 in the Grant program in this year alone, supporting 17 clubs. Over the six years the Canteen Grants program has been running, more than $300,000 has been provided to Victorian cricket clubs to upgrade their facilities, which is an outstanding result. We thank our major partner, CitiPower, for their continued and generous support of Victorian cricket and community clubs in our state.”

Nick Cummins, Cricket Victoria CEO