Newest frontline recruits hit the ground running for CitiPower and Powercor

6 March, 2024

The largest intake of apprentices and trainees in a decade has joined CitiPower and Powercor and are now learning the skills to help keep the power network safe and reliable for more than 1.2 million homes and businesses.

Forty-six recruits were selected from a record field of more than 1,100 applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds, including hospitality, animal handling, civil construction, plumbing, electrical trades, traffic control, telecommunications, rigging and carpentry.

Ranging in age from 17 to 39 years of age, the new apprentices are in Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Colac, Warrnambool, Shepparton, Cobram, Kyneton, Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Maryborough, Richmond and Brooklyn.

The group includes eight women – the highest female intake of the apprenticeship and traineeship program so far.

Head of Operations and Delivery, Barry David, said the roles included the only lineworker apprenticeships offered directly by a Victorian network business.

“We are building the next generation of our field workforce, which plays an essential role in keeping the lights on for communities,” Mr David said.

“This summer, our field teams have been responding to major storms, fires and other weather events, getting the power back on to communities safely and as quickly as possible.

“Our new apprentices will become part of our frontline teams and have an opportunity to build a career in an essential industry that is rapidly changing, delivering new opportunities and the need for new skills.”

Recruits have been placed in a range of roles, which include:

  • 31 Overhead Lineworkers
  • 2 Electrical Fitters
  • 6 Underground Cable Jointers
  • 3 Control and Protection Testers
  • 4 Designers

A mentor has been assigned to each apprentice and trainee to help guide them through their course and on-the-job training during the next four years.

“Our apprenticeship program is important in building a skilled and diverse workforce,” Mr David said.

“Whether it’s restoring power during a major weather event or upgrading the network to support our state’s transition to a cleaner energy future, these roles are on the front lines.”

CitiPower and Powercor’s apprenticeship program has been running for more than 20 years, with more than 500 apprentices completing the program and 109 apprentices currently part of the workforce.

The 2025 apprentice intake will open later this year.

The new apprentices and trainees and locations


Name Role Depot
Jack Clinton Apprentice Lineworker Ballarat
Tim Collins Apprentice Lineworker Ballarat
Ben Crowley Apprentice Lineworker Brooklyn
Samantha Mcclenahan Apprentice Lineworker Brooklyn
Tony Crispo Apprentice Lineworker Brooklyn
Cooper Collins Apprentice Lineworker Brooklyn
Brendan David Apprentice Lineworker Burnley
Jesse Taylor Apprentice Lineworker Burnley
Kail Goodwin Apprentice Lineworker Burnley
Jack Hutchens Apprentice Lineworker Bendigo
Nick Lang Apprentice Lineworker Bendigo
Ben Coghill Apprentice Lineworker Cobram
Jacob Hore Apprentice Lineworker Cobram
Caitlin Mulcahy Apprentice Lineworker Colac
Jake Preston Apprentice Lineworker Echuca
Rhys Woodland Apprentice Lineworker Echuca
Tom Cassidy Apprentice Lineworker Kyneton
Jack  Doyle Apprentice Lineworker Geelong
James  Wood Apprentice Lineworker Geelong
Lincoln Everett Apprentice Lineworker Geelong
James Clifford Apprentice Lineworker Horsham
Jeremy  Hartigan Apprentice Lineworker Horsham
Riley  Rafferty Apprentice Lineworker Maryborough
Lockie Ratcliff Apprentice Lineworker Maryborough
Jackson  Gove Apprentice Lineworker Mildura
Aaron St Leon Apprentice Lineworker Mildura
Alex Tattersall Apprentice Lineworker Shepparton
Matt Tamburro Apprentice Lineworker Shepparton
Billy Watt Apprentice Lineworker Warrnambool
Jackson Bell Apprentice Lineworker Warrnambool
Pat Ryan Apprentice Lineworker Warrnambool
Cheyenne Trezise Apprentice Electrical Fitter Ballarat
Leo Bosley Apprentice Electrical Fitter Bendigo
Ciaran Nannery Apprentice Cable Jointer Brooklyn
Georgia Eastaughffe Apprentice Cable Jointer Brooklyn
Lachlan Martyn Apprentice Cable Jointer Burnley
Sandy Melgalvis Apprentice Cable Jointer Burnley
Maya Eastwood Apprentice Cable Jointer Geelong
Jacob   Mackay Apprentice Cable Jointer Ballarat
Josh Grogan Trainee Electrical Tester Brooklyn
Damien Treloar Trainee Electrical Tester Ballarat
Corey Sztama Trainee Electrical Tester Bendigo
Jensen Hore Trainee Designer Ballarat
Josh Tango Trainee Designer Warrnambool
Gautham Sajith Trainee Designer Market St
Vaishnavi Tandulkar Trainee Designer Market St