Reducing electricity bills and saving time just a click away

16 July, 2020

A unique online service answering the call from households for help in taking control of electricity use and costs has been launched by distribution networks, CitiPower and Powercor. Called ‘Liney Lessons’, the independent service assists customers in managing energy performance in their home including how to pay less for electricity, use it more efficiently, and make the most of investments in solar installations, electric vehicle charging and other new technologies.

CitiPower and Powercor’s General Manager, Corporate Affairs Joanne Pafumi said the service responds directly to the COVID-19 experience which showed customers want to be able to better control their energy reliability and costs.

“The aim of our service is to help customers feel confident in making decisions about how they power their home,” Ms Pafumi said.

“There is a lot of information available but often it is linked to an offer to sell something. What makes our service unique is that it brings together in one place a comprehensive range of independent information for our customers to choose safe, affordable, reliable and flexible electricity options.

“Using information available through government and peak industry bodies, we are providing relevant advice our customers can rely on in deciding what is right for their homes and families.”

Liney Lessons is designed to save customers time and money in their research by making accessible information from:

The launch of the service follows the development of a successful energy literacy program run by Powercor in partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, and the Australian Energy Foundation in 2019. This generated $22,000 in savings for 70 participants, or an average of $230 per year off their electricity bills (excluding the power savings bonus).

Australian Energy Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Alison Rowe, said the partners are now expanding this program, offering it online and in multiple languages and supporting it with entertaining social media content to ensure the benefits are available to a broad and diverse community.

“We’re excited to see electricity distributers helping their customers work toward an equitable zero-carbon society and a better life for all Australians,” Ms Rowe said.

The service is available at

For more information call Powercor’s media line on 03 9683 4342

Powercor will be hosting two webinars to provide households information about how to save money on their electricity bills. The webinars will be held on:

  • Sunday, 19 July at 2pm – register here
  • Wednesday, 22 July at 11.30am – register here

*‘Liney’ refers to CitiPower and Powercor’s lineworkers – the men and women in the field working on the network and helping keep power safe and reliable for homes and businesses.