Upcoming changes to the way we issue and accept contracts

28 October, 2022

Contracts will soon be sent to the customer account in mySupply 

From 28 November 2022, customer contracts will be available for review and acceptance via the myApplications view in mySupply.

Customers will need to register for an account in order to apply, view and accept their contracts online.

These changes contribute towards a faster turnaround time from the submission of each request through to offer acceptance.

Changes to contract acceptance

From 28 November 2022 customers will no longer be required to print, sign and scan PDF copies of contracts.  Contracts will be accepted online via a simple digital check box.

Other changes to the mySupply

Improvements to the Quick Calculator to help residential and small commercial business owners gauge an accurate assessment, so they can make an informed decision before applying for supply.

Enhancements to the mySupply portal that will assist customers in submitting the correct application – further improving the turnaround time for processing applications.