CBD pit inspection and remediation program

  • Project type
    Network project
  • Current stage
  • Project duration
    Jan 2021 - Ongoing

CitiPower is inspecting and maintaining the Melbourne CBDs extensive underground electrical pit network.

Project Outcomes

As part of our regular pit inspection and maintenance program in the Melbourne CBD, we identify pits requiring varying levels of remediation work, mostly due to general wear and tear.

Theses pits requiring rehabilitation form part of our yearly CBD Pit Remediation Program, to ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of our underground pits.

As part of this program there may be minor disruptions to traffic as our pits are generally located within the roadway and will require lane closures to complete works safely.

We are committed to keeping you informed and we will work closely with customers to minimise the impact of this program. We will notify residents and businesses affected by each work location before we begin.

What to expect during works?

  • This program may generate some disruption to traffic, parking and public transport. We will be working closely with residents and businesses to minimise the impact. Traffic controllers and signage will be available to help motorists, pedestrians and cyclists remain safe in changed road conditions.
  • Where possible our work to take place during the day, however there will be some instances where we must complete works at night.
  • Some works may be noisy.
  • There may be times where we are required to interrupt access to adjacent properties while we complete works. We will work directly with any of the affected properties.
  • On completion of these works, any disturbed areas will be reinstated.

Pit lid replacement preparation works:

Pit inspection at night:

Location of project

Melbourne CBD