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Claremont Street upgrades

  • Project type
    Customer project
  • Current stage
  • Project duration
    November 2021 - late 2022

CitiPower is moving electrical assets underground and installing new street lighting along Claremont Street, South Yarra.

This is the second step of CitiPower’s Claremont Street Upgrades, which are part of the City of Stonnington’s Forrest Hill Precinct Masterplan.

In 2020, we removed the power poles and began to move our cables underground. This year, from November until just before the Christmas trading period, we’ll be back to underground the remaining powerlines and install conduits to prepare for the installation of LED streetlights in late-2022.

Sections of the road and footpath along the length of Claremont Street, South Yarra, will experience temporary disruption for vehicles and pedestrians. We are committed to minimising impacts wherever possible and working with businesses and residents during the delivery of these works.


Project Outcomes

The upgrade is divided into two stages:
Stage 1 (August – December 2020) includes:

  • Relocate overhead electrical powerline to underground along Claremont St North, near Melbourne High School
  • Civil excavations to install new underground cables or extend existing underground cables
  • Remove all existing electrical infrastructure from power poles (except for streetlights for the time being) in preparation for them to be removed

Stage 2 (November – December 2021) will include

  • Install new public lighting electrical cable the length of Claremont St
  • Underground remaining powerlines and remove remaining power poles

City of Stonnington Streetscape Improvement Works (late 2022) will include

  • Installation of new LED streetlights as part of the City of Stonnington’s streetscape work

Reducing impacts

Phase two will take just over one month to complete and will finish ahead of the end of year shopping period, so people can move with ease.

We know residents and businesses have already seen a lot of work in the area, so we have planned to minimise our impact on the community as much as we can by ensuring:

  • Pedestrian access to properties and businesses will be maintained
  • Developers and businesses in the area can facilitate deliveries to ensure work and business continues as normal
  • As much notice as possible for future works including the nearby Metro Tunnel project is given
  • Traffic controllers are available to help ensure motorists, pedestrians and cyclists remain safe in changes road conditions

Keeping you informed

We are committed to engaging and communicating with residents, businesses and the community effectively.

We will notify residents and businesses directly before works begin and provide 7-10 days’ notice of any serious impacts such as power outages.

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Location of project

Claremont Street, South Yarra

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