Legacy meter replacement program

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    JUNE 2022 - DEC 2023

We’ll be changing over customers remaining old electricity legacy meters to new smart meters.

Project Outcomes

Smart meters are in place across the majority of households in Victoria. CitiPower and Powercor will be completing the final installation to ensure all remaining old meters are replaced with the smart meters.

These new meters have now been in service in Victoria for over 12 years and they have been demonstrated to be safe and beneficial.

The new meters send information digitally back to your retailer and have the ability to measure when and how much electricity is used at your premises, removing the need for manual meter readings.

The new meters help customers take control their electricity bill by providing information about when and how much electricity you use, and:

  • Give you access to a wider range of services, including solar and battery storage.
  • Give you detailed information about your energy use on a regular basis – this information can help you understand and adjust your usage or find the best deal for you.
  • Help electricity retailers offer you better and more innovative products and services, like energy management apps and online access to information about you use electricity.
  • Allow us to detect outages more quickly and monitor the quality of your electricity supply.
    – this will help to minimise the number and length of electricity supply outages.
    – help us determine if the fault is in our assets or your own.
  • Undertake regular remote safety testing of your connection to detect and allow rectification of supply neutral integrity issues.

If you have an old meter and would like to book in the installation of a new smart meter please call (03) 9683 2023 or email WDCLMR@powercor.com.au


Location of project

Across our CitiPower and Powercor region


Fact sheets

Smart meter fact sheet