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Powercor is installing a neighbourhood battery in the growing suburb of Tarneit where rooftop solar is a popular way for households to save energy costs and support the environment.

A neighbourhood battery offers an innovative way of storing energy that allows communities to share power and use it when it is needed.  It also helps our network to operate efficiently.

The battery planned for Tarneit will be installed and operational by late 2022.

This project is being managed in collaboration with our partner the Wyndham City Council .  The project is also supported by grant funding under the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Battery Initiative.

In this project, we are designing and developing a ground-mounted 120kW (360kWh) battery to be installed on the low voltage network in Tarneit.

The site selected is the north-west corner of Gleneagles Avenue Park, Tarneit.  This location features high electricity demand, high solar uptake and some network constraints.  It will provide benefits to up to 170 homes connected to this part of the network, whether they have solar or not.

How it works

The battery works by charging at times of the day when there is low electricity demand or when local rooftop solar systems are exporting into our network.  The stored power can then be made available to the local neighbourhood later in the day when it is needed and when solar systems are no longer generating.

The peak times when most people are using power from our network are between 3pm and 9pm, Monday to Friday.

Careful design

The ground-mounted community battery is about the size of a small electric car like a Nissan Leaf.

All the components of the battery as well as safety features to absorb noise, control heat and allow air flow are all housed in the one cabinet.

Like other electrical infrastructure, the aluminium steel coated unit is designed to withstand high temperatures and the corrosive effects of the weather while also providing security against external interference.

We are working with our technical partner, Next Generation Electrical, to finalise the battery design for Tarneit.

Once installed, we expect the battery to have a life of around 15 years. After that, we will look to replace, repurpose or recycle the unit in line with an end-of-life plan.

Frequently asked questions

What will the battery mean for solar feed-in tariff rates?

There will be no change to your solar feed-in tariff rates with your respective energy retailer as a result of the battery being installed.

Will there be any extra costs associated with the battery?

There will be no increase in our network charges due to this project. In fact, over time, we expect neighbourhood batteries like this will actually help reduce network charges for all customers by reducing the need for more costly network works.

Will there be any changes to solar panel rebates?

Solar panel rebates are set by the Victorian Government, with rebates currently available for new and existing solar customers. The community battery being installed by Powercor will have no impact on solar panel rebates.

How will the battery connect to my solar set-up/house?

If you live within a few streets of the battery location, then both your house and the battery will be connected to the same part of the Powercor network. This means that if you are exporting excess solar from your home’s system then this energy could be stored in the battery.  It also means that when the battery is discharging energy, then this could supply your electricity needs at home.  There is no direct connection to your house or solar system.

Are there any safety issues, such as electro-magnetic fields, that I have to worry about?

EMFs are present everywhere in our environment and are emitted from natural and human sources. All forms of power infrastructure like powerlines, transformers, substations, smart meters, and batteries, emit EMFs.  The EMF levels are very low and well within guidelines set for safe exposure.   Using a Safety in Design process for the Tarneit battery, we have built engineering control measures into the unit to minimise the potential for EMF to be emitted.

Can they catch on fire?

The fire risk is very low. We conduct fire safety studies to ensure the batteries are safe and comply with relevant Australian standards.

Will they provide any benefit if the power goes out?

No, the Tarneit battery is not intended to provide back-up power.  If there is a power outage, then it is because something has gone wrong with the network that needs to be fixed before power can be restored.  Every connection along the line where there is a fault, including the battery connection, will be affected.

Will they provide back up in catastrophic storm events?

No, the Tarneit battery is not intended to provide back-up power.  If there is a power outage in an extreme storm or other major event, then it is because something has gone wrong with the network that needs to be fixed before power can be restored.  For example, it is most likely something has hit powerlines and brought them down.

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