Vegetation Management

A major part of keeping our customers and assets safe, and minimising interruptions to your electricity, is the careful management of trees and other vegetation near power lines.

Our Vegetation Management Plans set out the processes we use to comply with the Electricity Safety Act, including the introduction of the Electrical Safety (Electric Line Clearance) regulations in 2015. Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the government agency responsible for electrical safety issues, and ensuring electricity companies like ourselves meet our responsibilities.

If pruning and cutting vegetation is required, we first notify affected landowners and where appropriate consult more widely with the community, heritage and environmental groups.

Every year, our customers’ satisfaction in regards to vegetation management is independently reviewed via a customer survey. This is one of the ways we ensure we can listen and respond to our customers’ needs and wants, while also working hard to ensure the safety of their homes and neighbourhoods.

The electricity safety line clearance regulations can be found on the Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) website here.

Further information can be downloaded.

Have a question for our team?

Have a question for our team?