Trees and Powerlines

If a tree makes contact with a powerline, it can pose a serious threat to people.

When a powerline makes contact with a tree, the heat created can become a fire risk. You can read more about this risk in our bushfire mitigation section.

Fallen powerlines, particularly due to storms and high winds, can also come into contact with trees. If this happens, you need to keep your distance from the powerline and the tree.

Making contact with the tree when it is touching a ‘live’ line can cause electrocution or very serious injury. You must treat the powerline as ‘live’ until the power company can turn off the electricity on that line.

You also need to watch out for tree branches or trees that fall during a storm or high winds when powerlines are nearby. There could be a ‘live’ powerline hidden in the tree, so take extra care and keep your distance, particularly at night when it’s difficult to see.

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Want to receive outage notifications?