Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety is important especially if you live in a bushfire prone area. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce bushfire risk and be prepared.

Be prepared for power outages:

  • Read about what to do in a power outage
  • Have an emergency kit ready with a torch, batteries,a radio and water
  • Understand how automatic gates and garage doors operate manually
  • Plan alternative forms of electricity early (e.g. if you rely on electricity to pump water or are on life support)

Help reduce bushfire risk:

Stay aware and up to date:

Business owners are encouraged to:

  • Back-up their data and keep duplicate copies of all important documents in a secure location;
  • Consider alternative power sources such as a small generator which can keep refrigeration going during longer outages;
  • Check insurance policies are up to date and;
  • Consider how employees will be contacted in an emergency and if power is interrupted.

At CitiPower and Powercor we own and maintain the poles, wires, meters and equipment that deliver electricity to you. More information about our role and our relationship with you is provided in our Customer Charter.

Want to receive outage notifications?

Want to receive outage notifications?