Smart Meters

CitiPower and Powercor are responsible for your electricity supply up to and including your meter. You are lucky to have a smart meter in Victoria.

We are the only State in Australia where all customers are required to have a smart meter and it has made a real difference to improving your safety, electricity reliability and our network efficiency. The big benefit is from the data and information we are able to receive from meters about your supply and the performance of the network.

The managed rollout of smart meters across our network started in about 2009 and we install them now for all new connections.

Smart meters help us to:

Provide you with accurate information

  • Through myEnergy, you gain access to information about your electricity use received from your smart meter.
  • The data captured by the smart meter and provided to your retailer is 99% accurate each day so no more need for electricity bills to be estimated.

Communicate with you

  • More timely services are provided like Interactive Voice Response and SMS that can automatically advise you of power outages in a timely way.
  • We can also keep track of supplies for life support customers and prioritise them during power outages.

Support your rooftop solar system

  • Get the most out of your investment in solar because we can manage exports to our network safely and reduce trips of your system.

Improve safety of our networks and your supply

  • We can prevent electric shocks by using data to identify neutral integrity issues that can allow electrical current to be passed through pipes.
  • We can better identify the location of faults caused by a customer’s home which can affect power supplies within communities.

Improve electricity reliability at lower cost

  • We can detect faults on the network faster and organise asset replacements before problems occur.
  • We can share and rotate energy to help keep the lights on when electricity supplies fall short.
  • Faults at home can be detected and rectified, sometimes before you even know about it.
  • More services can be delivered remotely rather than manually on site which helps us keep distribution charges low.


How to read your smart meter

Smart meters record the electricity consumption data at your home or business and deliver it automatically to CitiPower and Powercor for processing. We make this data available to your electricity retailer for billing purposes.

There are two types of smart meter used in the CitiPower and Powercor networks and the links below explain how to read them.

Want to receive outage notifications?

Want to receive outage notifications?