Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project

Project Progress:

Thank you for your ongoing patience while we complete this work. We are on track to be finished by the end of June having already completed three of the four stages.

The final stage, Stage 4 will see us remove the over head powerlines and power poles. While we complete these works, there will be some temporary disruptions around our construction site including road or lane closures and access to shops.

We will do this work in a staged approach to minimise impacts on the Maldon township.

  • Tuesday 22 June poles and powerlines will be removed in Templeton and Spring Street
  • Wednesday 23 June poles and powerlines in High and Main Street removed. NO access to MAIN St (including shops) between 8:30 and mid-afternoon while we remove poles that currently run through shop front awnings.
  • Wednesday 30 June poles and powerlines on High St (between Main and Francis), Fountain and Francis street.

The Project

Powercor is working with Mount Alexander Shire Council to help the Maldon community realise its vision for the town to be a vibrant and attractive centre. Between November 2020 and April 2021 Powercor is undergrounding powerlines and installing new street lighting in Maldon as a key part of Mount Alexander Council’s Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project.

Low voltage powerlines will be placed underground along Maldon’s centre on Main, High, Fountain, Francis and Templeton streetsThere will also be new street lights and poles along Main Street and High Street, design and location of these is still being worked through with Council and the project Working Groups.

The Works

The work will be divided into four stages and has been scheduled to reduce impacts on local businesses and the Maldon community.

We have engaged a local contractor from Castlemaine to complete these works. During construction we will use open trenching and directional boring to install the new conduits before we pull the new power cables through theses conduits.

  • Stage 1 – Complete
    • Civil works has completed installation of conduits along Fountain, High and Francis Street (November/December 2020)
  • Stage 2 – Complete
    • Civil works has completed installation of conduits along Templeton Street (late November/December 2020)
  • Stage 3 – Complete
    • Civil works has completed installation of conduits along Main Street, High Street, Spring Street and Francis Street (mid Jan/Feb 2021)
  • Stage 4 will include:
    • Civil work to install power cables within project area (refer to below map)
    • Removing existing power poles (June 2021)
    • Upgrading power connections to existing properties (March/May 2021)
    • Installing new street lighting (TBC)

Reducing Impacts

Work will be completed Monday to Thursday 8am – 4pm to help avoid disruption to weekend visitors and retail trade. No work will take place in retail areas during December and January to help retail operators maximise trade during key trade periods.

We are working closely with Council to ensure we minimise impacts.

Whilst the program of works will take up to six months to complete, we’re minimising disruptions by taking a rolling approach to works. That means any disruptions or changes to parking or footpaths will only be in place for a few days at a time.

Traffic controllers will be available to help ensure motorists, pedestrians and cyclists remain safe in changed road conditions.

Keeping you informed

We will notify local residents and business affected by each location of works, 7-10 days before they begin. The duration of any impact may range from a few days to up to one week depending on the work to be conducted.

In February 2021 we will start to decommission the overhead powerlines and energise the new underground network. During this time we will need to interrupt customer’s electricity supply. Before this happens we will work with impacted residents and business to determine the most appropriate times.

To stay updated on location, duration and timing of work please visit

For further information:

  • Phone the Powercor customer call centre 13 22 06