Media Release: Major upgrades for Portland’s electricity network

25 May, 2021

A major upgrade to powerlines in Portland aimed at maintaining safety and reliability for the community will be conducted by electricity distributor Powercor over the next two months.

Crews will be replacing 7.65 km of powerlines in and around Portland, with initial works on 25 May and continuing into July.

The project includes replacing:

  • 1.2km of powerline along Browning St and Otway St
  • 2.7km of powerline along Dutton Way
  • 2.1km of powerline along Hurd Street
  • 1.4km of powerline along Glenelg Stree

Powercor Major Projects Manager Mitch Droney said while most work will take place under live-line conditions, some planned power outages will be required to complete the works safely.

“We understand there is never a good time for power outages, but we’re minimising the impacts on our customers by planning outages for businesses after-hours, and for residential customers during the day,” Mr Droney said.

“We’re also using generators where possible to keep as many customers on supply as we can while works take place.”

All customers impacted by these works will be notified directly, well in advance of works starting in their area. Customers may also see and hear the generators operating in their area over the course of the works.

There will also be small temporary changes to traffic and pedestrian access as work takes place.

Mr Droney said customers in Portland’s CBD and surrounds would experience improved reliability and increased safety as a result of the project.

“The new powerlines are bigger, stronger and able to carry more electrical load, so are better able to distribute power reliably to customers.”

“In addition to replacing the powerlines, we’re also taking the opportunity to replace other equipment, such as insulators and cross arms to avoid further interruptions for customers in the future,” Mr Droney said.

“We thank the Portland community in advance for their support and patience as we undertake this major upgrade.”

For more information visit or call 13 22 06.

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