Regulatory Reset

Based on extensive input from customers and stakeholders about how they want to use, store, and generate power now and into the future – we are delivering a vision and plan leading up to 2026.

Future planning

The critical starting point for our current plans was to co-design a vision for the future of the energy market. Taking a long-term view to 2035, stakeholders including our Customer Consultative Committee and Energy Futures Customer Advisory Panel were invited to consider three alternative directions and to decide which was most likely. The result was a combination of all three.

Customers and stakeholders said ‘steady state’ was the immediate priority to reduce costs while maintaining network performance and security.

Over time, increasing ‘consumer power’ would lead to more investment in alternative energy sources.

Long term, they identified ‘consumer power’ as a steppingstone to ‘green power’ and more ambitious renewable energy targets as the most likely scenario for the future.

Hear more about the feedback we received from our customers and stakeholders in the videos below.

The price determinations are very important in determining the network fees of electricity, and that’s all part of it being reliable, accessible and affordable


We deliver electricity to over 1.7 million homes and businesses every day, and work hard to both prevent outages and respond fast when they happen


We’re keeping prices affordable, while building a network for the future


Our proposals

Preparing our proposals is a huge exercise involving operational and technical subject matter experts from across our business as well as highly qualified, experienced economists and policy experts within our Regulation team.

We also worked with other distribution networks in Victoria (AusNet and Jemena) to develop a revised Tariff Structure Statement which can be consistently and fairly applied across the state.

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