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As owners and operators of essential electricity assets, we are subject to a range of regulatory and security requirements set by various state and federal agencies.

These agencies include the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), the Essential Services Commission (ESC), Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and the Department of Home Affairs.

In particular, the role of the AER is to set network revenue, so energy consumers pay no more than necessary for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity services. The high cost of operating energy networks makes it efficient to have a single supplier of network services in a particular geographic area, leading to a natural monopoly industry structure.

Our proposed investments, pricing plans and rate of return are approved by the AER every five years, and this determines the revenue we can recover from customers.

This is called the Electricity Distribution Price Review. It is also referred to as a regulatory reset.

Powercor transmission licence application

We have applied to the Essential Services Commission for a licence that will allow us to plan, design and build transmission infrastructure within the Powercor network.

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Regulatory Reset

Our business is currently operating within the 2021 to 2026 regulatory period. At the same time, we are building our proposal for the next regulatory period of 2026 to 2031.

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Customer Advisory Panel

Our Customer Advisory Panel is designed to assist us in developing our future program of works through collaboration and representation of customer and stakeholder views and preferences.

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Regulatory framework

Electricity distribution is a highly regulated industry and each year, we comply with a range of licenses, codes and rules.

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