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We provide power to over 1.2 million residential households and commercial customers across Victoria

There are four steps in the energy supply chain that gets electricity to your home or business.

Power generation

It starts with large-scale generators – hydro, wind, solar, coal and gas-fired – that produce the electricity in the National Electricity Market.


Generated electricity is transported at high voltage along transmission lines. These are the large towers with multiple powerlines that you’ll see across the country.


CitiPower and Powercor take the power from these transmission lines, convert into a lower voltage, and then distribute it via our network of poles and wires to your home or business. Our role is to make sure power is safely and reliably delivered to your electricity meter.

Meter management

We take care of your electricity meter, which measures the amount of electricity that you use.

Energy retailer

We share your electricity data with your energy retailer, who is responsible for sending your electricity bills. You’ll need to talk to them regarding your pricing plan or to pay your bills.

Our key activities

  • maintaining network safety and reliability to meet the current power supply needs of our customers
  • extending and upgrading the network so that the future power supply needs of customers are met when required
  • operating the network 24×7
  • connecting new customers to the network
  • maintaining the public lighting system
  • reading electricity meters
  • providing meter data to retailers.